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Barcelona’s baby boom

January 29th, 2010

Almost exactly nine months to the week when Barcelona beat Real Madrid 2-6 in the Bernabeu and then knocked Chelsea out of the Champions League semi-final, birth rates in the Condal City have shot up by 45%. This comes as no surprise to me, as my older readers will remember that my mother told me I was conceived just a couple of hours after Spain beat Russia in the 1964 European final, and again half an hour after that! A good win always makes us men frisky! More »

The latest World Cup wear!

January 19th, 2010

Goran and I have got just the thing for next summer’s World Cup – bullet-proof vests! I seems an English company is selling special ones for the “Mundial” for only $70.00 each, and for two Dollars more you can get one with your countries flag on them! Just the thing for those penalty shoot-outs which we are reading about in the Africas Cup. More »

Spain’s young players

January 14th, 2010

What great talent we have in Spain, and it keeps on coming. Is it me though, or are our players getting younger every day, just like England’s Bobby policemen? A couple of years ago Bojan was just about the youngest player to score in an official game, but that was beaten by Athletic’s Muniain, and now Malaga’s Juanmi has matched that by scoring in the cup with only 16 years and 7 months on the clock-face. More »

Back from holidays!

January 10th, 2010

Hello again, it’s me, Borja, back from my holiday break skiing in my native Bulgaria with my good friend Goran Arsic. Actually the “strong winds and avalanche conditions” that we read about in the paper on the trip out to Bansko meant that we played it safe and went straight to the aprés-ski without bothering about all that athletic stuff, but we had a great time (you just have to read our medical reports to see that)! More »