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Be careful what you say to referees!

February 21st, 2010

So Sevilla’s Zokora got himself sent off at the weekend for swearing in English! Mr. Teixeira Vitienes’s match report ( – competiciones nacionales – actas) couldn’t be more clear The ex Spurs midfielder told his assistant linesman person to “f*ck your mother”! Funny expression that – maybe he said “you” instead of “your”, but we don’t think Sevilla will appeal that one. We can just imagine, “ your honour sir, our player didn’t say that the referee had a, how do you say, E-D-Pus complex, but that he screws around with young single mothers, so please cancel his red card forthwith, your honour, sir!”. Not much chance of a let-off there then!

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Atlético’s juniors…..

February 12th, 2010

Atlético Madrid’s juniors are sitting prettily at the top of their local league. So “wassa da big deal?” you say for a big club like them. But the difference is that their team is 100% made up of girls, and the rest of the league is all boys! Just imagine when you are twelve years old, just starting to have your puberty things sprouting all over the place, and you have to play a bunch of girls! And then on top of that they beat you! Some of the wee young lads left the field in tears, never to be seen again. Bring on the girls…..

Monday night football

February 5th, 2010

That’s it then, La Liga have decided we are going to have Monday and Friday night football! Goran and I are over the mooning about this as the rest of the week is OK (Saturday, Sunday league, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, Europe, Cup, international games etc), but we never knew what to do on those two days. Our new girlfriends Nokya Blokov and Ima Bitvilius are not very happy though, “no chance of the birth rate increasing in our part of Barcelona then!” they say! Not sure what they are talking about? More »