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Will Mourinho win an Oscar this year?

April 29th, 2010

What a game in the Nou Camp! It was like watching gladiators in the old Roman empire, with José Mourinho playing the part of Russell Crone! Mourinho has never been popular there since the days he was Sir Bobby Robson’s assistant – they said he was Robson’s translator and even worse things – and he already upset the crowd when he came here with Chelsea and beat Barcelona. So when he asked the hated Figo to sit on the trainers bench it was already a declaration of war! More »

Are we going to have a team for South Africa?

April 24th, 2010

Are we going to have a team for South Africa? Just look at the injury list: Cesc – stress facture of the leg, Torres – operated on his knee, Iniesta – out with muscle injury, David Villa, Marcos Senna, Cazorla – all missed a lot of games with all sorts of problems, and everybody has once again had a long.hard season. We hope that everybody will be fit when we get there in June, but Goran is going to take his boots along just in case Del Bosque is one short!

Volcanic eruptions

April 18th, 2010

The volcanic eruptions in Iceland are having a serious effect on everything. We are lucky that the Champions League semi-finals are between teams that are not so far away from each other, but even so what was a simple plane ride of one hour is now becoming an epic journey, like we see in the films of the old Wild West! Barcelona have decided to travel to Inter Milan for Tuesday’s game using their club autobus, and as it is over twelve hours to get there they will be stopping overnight in Cannes (they wanted to go to Monte Carlo but the best hotels are full of tennis players right now!). More »

The eyes in my bottom say…

April 18th, 2010

So what an interesting week we have had! In my country they say you don’t have to have eyes in your bottom to have hind-sight, but looking back Guardiola’s tactics in the Bernabeu stadium were spot-on. Playing Puyol and Piqué on the right of defence and Dani Alves further forward meant that Cristiano Ronaldo and Higuaín were always going to have someone in their way. Add a touch of Messi to that and “voila”, three points. But the eyes in my bottom tell me that his line up for the Espanyol game was spot-off (do you say that in English?), leaving his three centre forwards on the bench against a team that has not let in a goal at home in 2010. More »

Tempting my feet…

April 4th, 2010

I may be tempting my feet, as they say, but what a great side they have at Barcelona! The first twenty minutes against Arsenal was the best they have ever played, and it is only because Almunia’s father was an octopus and his mother a gazelle that they didn’t score four or five goals. Even Ibrahimovic (who has a worrying tendency to spend most of the match in an offside position – maybe he got the rule book upside down?) was able to score two goals in the second half after looking for much of the season like a bit of a jacket-potato. Then this weekend Guardiola puts out his B team and they score four against Athletic! More »