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We are through to the quarter finals!

June 30th, 2010

Fantastic, we made it through to the quarter finals! Sir David Villa scored again, and we beat Portugal 1-0! At first it looks like we are going to score a bag-full, but the Portugal goalkeeper is good – he did not let in one goal in the group stage. And after that we start to look like Superman when he has just had a bowlful of curried kryptonite – normal! Our super powers have gone, and even Saint Iker is looking vulnerable as he fumbles a long shot from his Real Madrid team mate Cristiano Ronaldo. Surely he practises with him all year, so it must be something to do with the Jabulani ball? More »

FIFA take quick action on referees (or not?)!

June 29th, 2010

So, FIFA have finally taken action on the refereeing controversy. They have banned action replays in the grounds! That way we won’t have players complaining when they see the mistakes the referees are making. Incredible! Once this is over though they will have to do something, as everybody is complaining, and even Mr. Blatter will have to take notice. One betting company apparently paid up on a bet that Lampard would score, even though it wasn’t given! Poor old England though, not only were they robbed by the referee but they had their underpants stolen from their hotel rooms! We are not sure which was worse, losing to Germany or that! More »

The Portuguese get here before us!

June 28th, 2010

This morning we decide to take a trip to the Cape of Good Hope, which is what gave Cape Town it’s name (Goran has got over his disappointment that it is not the home of Batman). The Cape is to the South of the town, but it is not the most southern point of Africa, which is actually Cape Agulhas (Cape Needles in Portuguese), further down the coast. The Portuguese got here before us it seems, as they did in this World Cup, when they beat North Korea 7-0 a few days ago. We just hope they have let off all their steam in that match, and have nothing left when they play us the day after tomorrow night! Anyway there is not so much to see, a lot of rocks and wild sea and a monument to Vasco da Gama, who was apparently a famous Portuguese captain sometime around the year 1500 (didn’t know they played football back then!). We walk around for a bit with our guide, but Goran is being harassed by a lady baboon who has taken a liking to him, so we go back to the tour bus and wait for the driver to take us back to town. We’ve seen enough of Portugal for now thank you! More »

We are in Cape Town!

June 27th, 2010

The celebrations are over for now, and we wake up with big overhangs! I don’t remember an elephant treading on my head last night, but that’s what it feels like. I must check the local papers to see if one got away from the compound. Anyway we must get off early, and as we are coming back to Jo-Cole-berg in a few days (either to play Paraguay or Japan, or to go home!), we agree to reserve our rooms and leave Traba in the car park. Sat Nav is already chatting up the Daf parked next door, “Do you come here often? How do you get here then, take the A15 trunk road or do you prefer the scenic route through the hills?”. Boring and corny, we think, but maybe Sat Navs find that sort of talk interesting? Anyway, it’s off to the airport for the early morning cheapie to C-T. Someone says to Goran at the check-in, “My God, your eyes look bad!”. “You should see them from this side” he replies. The old jokes are always the best! More »

We are going to Cape Town!

June 26th, 2010

We are going to Cape Town! Spain beat Chile 2-1 to finish top of the group in the end, and we are off to play Portugal in the round of sixteen next Tuesday! Goran is very excited, “can we visit the bat cave”? “What are you talking about Goran, Batman doesn’t live there!” “The Green Lantern then?” “No, he’s not there either”. “Then why do they call it Cape Town?” I let him down gently, it’s because it’s at the cape of Africa I think, but don’t worry, it’s a beautiful city and there are lots of things to do there. We decide to leave straight away and we ask the nice people at the Soccer-Spain ticket office to find us tickets and make the travel arrangements. More »

It’s goodbye already to the World Champions…

June 25th, 2010

Well it’s goodbye to Italy, the World Champions lost to Slovakia and they are going home already with their “colas” between their legs (a bit like Goran a couple of nights ago when they didn’t let him in to a “pijo” discotheque en Sandton!). Of course it’s not like the old Italy, they don’t for example have a David Villa or a Xavi! Or for that matter an Iniesta or a Fernando Torres. Or a Xabi Alonso, or a Casillas, or a Cesc Fábregas, or a Sergio Ramos or a Puyol! In fact we are not sure who they have apart from Buffon (who was injured anyway) or Cannavaro, who is going to hang up his boots from now on he says. But it’s a touch of attention to “la selección”, and they will have to be doubly careful this evening against Chile if they are not to follow them home (just turn left at Cairo instead of right!). More »

We need to avoid the favourites, but then…

June 24th, 2010

So England are through (what did we predict, 1-0? Maybe we should start putting our mouth where our money is, and bet on a few results?), but Capello’s team will have to play Germany, and the winner of that will probably have to meet Argentina. All of that is good for Spain though, as only one of them can make it to the semi-finals! Maybe we should try to make it to second in the group like Ghana did last night against Germany, and then we avoid that lot in the semis. But if so, maybe then we could have to play Brazil in the round of sixteen, and there is always a chance of going out completely! It’s so complicated, no wonder they pay the managers so much money! More »

Strange, we are starting to like Maradona!

June 23rd, 2010

Well, after the relief of a win at last we settle in to a nice hotel on the edge of town for a few days. Jo’berg is a big bustling city that could be anywhere in the world, lots of big office blocks and MacDonalds restaurants, but there is a special atmosphere for this World Cup. We are now approaching the last round of group games, and it is a pity that the Bafana Bafana were knocked out yesterday, even though they did win against France. We hope that that does not affect the good spirit! More »

Yes, yes, yes, we are still in this!

June 22nd, 2010

Yes, yes, yes, we are still in this! How we didn’t win by five or six against Honduras is beyond me, but two will do for now. David Villa was a “fiera”, what a goal he scored to start things off! A bit of luck in the second goal, but about time we had some for once! For example, Villa hit the bar again before that, and the jolly Japanese referee missed a couple of clear penalties. Fernando Torres should have scored the fastest hat-trick in the history of the World Cup, but he is still working his way back after an injury, and we forgive him for now. He will get goals later on, for sure. Sergio Ramos missed a couple, Fábregas had one cleared off the line, and Villa should have had a hat-trick if he hadn’t missed another penalty. So let’s see, that makes it 12-0 if they had all gone in! More »

Problems at the border post…

June 21st, 2010

One day away from the most important match in the last two years, and we say goodbye to Swaziland and hot-foot it (well, hot-tyre it) to Jo’berg. Our plan was to try and get to Nelspruit to take in the afternoon game between Italy and New Zealand, but we have some trouble on the border crossing. They look at our Spanish passports – Pantzov and Arsic – they are not Spanish names! Are you sure you are not East German spies? We tell them that our mothers are Spanish and we live in Barcelona, and anyway the two Germanies merged twenty years ago and are currently playing together in Port Elizabeth. But their films are 30 years out of date – they are just showing George Smiley this week! – and they hold us for three hours before the head of customs turns up to sort things out. We give him a couple of the wonderful Soccer-Spain T-shirts which we have brought with us (a snip at €9.95!), and after promising to send them a few of the latest Tom Cruise videos we are on our way! More »