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Animal kingdom at the Bernabeu…

September 22nd, 2010

If Barcelona are all extra-terrestrials as we said yesterday, Real Madrid players remind us different kinds of animals. Sergio Ramos with his long hair must be the white lion, ferocious, dominant and lightning quick to chase after his prey, and Casillas with his aquiline nose is the eagle, majestic and able to fly through the air at great speeds. Benzema reminds us of a charging rhinoceros, Higuaín is the graceful gazelle, and Mourinho is the cock of the roost to Florentino Pérez’s mother hen, with a bit of peacock in there but also some distant blood of a wise old owl. And Cristiano Ronaldo? He’s all bull….

Is Messi made out of rubber?

September 21st, 2010

Did you all see Ujfalusi’s tackle on Messi? Wasn’t it horrible, with his ankle all twisted up like that! Goran says, that’s him out until Christmas then, it must be broken, but then we get the news that he is only going to be out for ten days! Goran and I have a theory though after that – Messi must be made out of rubber! In fact he does look a bit like one of those rubber TV puppets the Smurfs, and that is probably why he keeps bouncing up again all the time! Wonder which one he is, Brilliant Footballer Smurf or something? Don’t remember him from my childhood days though? More »

The FIFA virus strikes again!

September 14th, 2010

It happens every year, but now that we are World Champions it is getting worse. It is a disease which hits our international footballers every time they go away, and when they get back they it stops them from playing well in the next game. The longer the trip the worse it gets, and if we have to go to other time zones with jets lagging all over the place, or countries where maybe the food is too hot (like Mexico) or other distractions such as having to meet pretty lady presidents in Argentina or that sort of thing (and from what we hear pretty ladies who are not the president but who probably earn more money than she does!). More »

A big defeat against Argentina

September 8th, 2010

I hope you will forgive us for not travelling to Argentina for this one, but after all our adventures Goran and I are suffering a bit from Weldschmerz – in fact we are schmerzing all over from our trips around the Weld, if you know what I am talking about! Also, the nice people at Soccer-Spain say we have spent our budget for the next five years at the World Cup, and they are questioning some of our expenses, especially the ones written in Goran’s handwriting saying “voucher for confidential expenses incurred holy and exclusively for the business, for sure”, which is what they told us in the first place they needed! There’s no pleasing some people! More »

Euro 2012 starts in Liechtenstein

September 4th, 2010

Back to Spain after Mexico, and Goran and I only need a few days in oxygen masks to recover from our flight home! So many things have happened since we have been away, mainly changes to our teams this summer. Mourinho is here at last – what fun we will have! Some big signings despite the crisis, people we saw in the World Cup, Özil, Khedira, Di María, Mascherano, Ponce, Quincy etc., and some we didn’t like Trezeguet. But after the first round of matches, is anybody really going to catch Barcelona? More »