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The old boys done us over!

February 19th, 2011

The old boys done us over in Europe this week! First it was Raúl, who we thought was safely out of the way after taking early retirement in a little German backwater. But it seems that Schalke Nul Vier (Goran tells me it means fearless in German) are in the Champions League this year, and up pops the old king to score yet another record goal in Europe to spoil it for Valencia. And then the next day Barcelona are up against Arsenal, and the man they couldn’t get last summer Cesc Fábregas helps his manager Arsene Wenger to a 2-1 win. Now there must be a funny line here as both the team and the manager start their names with Arse, and Barça fans are called Culés because they used to sit their culos (arses) on the grass at the side of the old pitch, but Goran and I have been thinking about it all day and there is nothing there. Any ideas please on a postcard….. More »

The Marquis is back on track…

February 10th, 2011

Hello again everyone, and it’s nice to see that Spain are winning again! We must say we were worried after big defeats against Argentina and Portugal – alright they were only friendly games like this one against Columbia, and we have won our three Euro qualifiers, but if you lose the momentum in can be dangerous. We have a big Euro match coming up next month against the Czech Republic, and we have to win that one as they are our biggest rivals, even if they did lose to Lithuania.

Anyway, it seems the king of Spain decided to step in to cheer us up a bit. What to do though? We don’t give out lots of honours over here like they do in England, OBI-one-kinobis or nightcaps (Goran tells me he thinks that the word is night-hoodies?), so? I know, says the king, we can make Del Bosque a Marquis! That’s even one up on your English World Cup winner, Sir Alfie Ramsbottom! Maybe a bit over the top though, it has to be hereditary, so all the little Del Twiglets will have to be Marquisisises too, but what the heck! That will be Felipe’s problem, not mine! More »