What’s bad for Barça is good for Spain!

Don’t worry, we’re not going to go all political on you, demanding a separatist state for Vilamala d’Amunt and all that sort of stuff, we just meant that Barcelona not playing in the Champions League final is good news for the Spanish squad, who are already going to have more doctors in South Africa than players at the rate things are going. Now Xavi and Iniesta and the others are going to get a bit of rest before the World Cup, and that can only be good for the team.

As it happens, Vicente Del Bosque is already taking steps to make sure his squad are fit, and he has asked Valencia not to include Villa in the team as they have already made sure of third place. Others like Capdevila are taking matters in to their own hands, the full back getting himself sent off in the next to last match for two bookings in a row, and also getting his frustrations out at the same time. He was not a happy bunny-rabbit about what happened a week ago in the game against Barcelona when the referee showed a yellow card which everyone though was for Sergio Busquets, who had already been booked, but it turned out that it was for his own player Llorente. So when Llorente was shown a second yellow card this week, Capdevila asked “is that for Llorente or Busquets?”. Our dear referees are famous for being born without a sense of humour, and without really understanding what the hell he was talking about, Clos Gómez decided that it must be some sort of strange insult and booked him. Capdevila responded, “and is that for Busquets as well?”. That was like a red rag to a bullock, and out came a second yellow and Capdevila went off to join Llorente in the bath. So ruling out that he and Llorente have a thing going between them, we can only assume he did it so he didn’t have to play next weekend. Not so dumb, eh?