Don Vicente came good in the end!

So, Don Vicente, you came good in the end! We weren’t sure what your 30 man selection was all about – five goalkeepers, what was the point of that? De Gea may be the man in a few years time, but a space wasted right now. Azpilicueta? OK maybe for the future, but there are a lot of defenders who have already played for “la selección” with experience – Juanito, Iraola, Fernando Navarro even Azpiliwhatsit’s team-mate Monreal (actually can’t think of any more?). Then there’s others who have played in the last games, Pablo Hernández, Riera, maybe Bojan, and even Reyes who some press people in the know-all said would be back with the team.

But when it came to the Crunchie you did all right – Valdés and not Diego López (a pity, but fair), Javi Martínez and not Marcos Senna (who is great but who has not got over his injury), Pedro and not Cazorla (a funny man to have in the squad but another who has been injured this year), and Llorente and not Negredo (who hasn’t done much except getting himself sent off for swearing) or even Güiza (who is lost in the back-out in Turkey, even though he does get goals for Spain). Why though didn’t you tell us earlier? When we played France two months ago and we saw your squad we didn’t have a pinkling that this was going to happen? You could have saved us so much, how do you say, whaling and nashing of teeth!