Warning, warning, danger, danger!

Warning, warning, danger, danger (anyone still alive who remembers the robot from the sixties programme Swiss Family Robinson? – oops, we are giving away our age!)! Anyway, not a very good start for our boys in the warming up game against Saudi Arabia, of all people! No disrespect meant, they have been in the last four World Cups before this one, but we are the European champions and should be winning games like this by “goleadas”, not in the last minute from a substitute, even if his name is Fernando Llorente Torres and he lives on Mount Olympus! It could of course be altitude sickness as we were playing somewhere up in the Alps, but that would only be an excuse if we were playing a team of Sherpas or Yetis! As far as we know there are no high mountains in Riyadh, even if they have the best artificial ski slopes in the World! (or is that Dubai?).

From the starting line up it seems Don Vicente has gone back to being the nameless “Lost In Space” robot, taking the safe option with only Villa playing over the half-way line. For sure, he didn’t want to risk Torres or Cesc after both are recovering from major heart surgery, but even so! Letting in a goal in ten minutes from somebody called Osama? OK, Bin Laden has been scoring goals against the US of A for years, but they didn’t have San Iker in goal! Anyway, we finally sorted it out, and after all it was only a friendly game, so it doesn’t matter that much. But it’s a wake-me-up up call, and we have to do a lot better if we are going to defeat the evil Doctor Zachary Smith (played in the remake by Fabio Capello?) and finally win what is surely rightfully ours – the Interplanetary Jules Rimet-or-whatever-it-is-called-now World Cup!