Este torneo, vamos a ganar!

So, we finally came good in the warm up games! Six goals against Poland – that’s better mis hijos! The game against South Korea was another worry after Saudi Arabia, and only thanks to Jesús Navas we won that one. What a good thing he got over his problems with his nervous attacks, and what a talent he will be in South Africa! OK, so Del Bosque did play his second team, and we must say congratulations to Víctor Valdés for his first cap! He is almost the same age as Iker Casillas, who actually made his debut exactly ten years ago, and has been living in his shadow ever since. Casillas must be first choice for the finals though, even though he has not been at his best with Real Madrid recently and was “picking grapes” for the Saudi’s first goal (loses a bit in the translation, that one does, I think!).

Anyway the Poland match was especially planned by Del Bosque and his collaborators, a team similar to Switzerland, Spain’s first opponents in the World Cup. The conditions were also similar to what we expect in South Africa, coming from altitude to play at the level of the sea (Murcia for Durban), and maybe after the poor games in Austria it is a good thing that we are not playing the Swiss high up! If anyone knows how to play at 2,000 metres they do!

So what can we say? Iniesta was back to his best before he had to go off (a bit of a worry for us, we must say), making a goal for his new Barcelona team mate David Villa as well. There were six players from Barça in the start up line, so they know each other very well, and Pedro came on as well later on – he just can’t stop scoring goals! And to top it all “El Niño” came on and scored as well! Let’s just hope it doesn’t all end in tears!

Anyway, Goran and I are off to South Africa now, so the next report will be from there. A big kiss and hug to all our fans, and “Viva España” to you all! Este torneo, vamos a ganar!