Our first day in South Africa.

Well, here we are back in South Africa! It was not an easy journey we have to say, stowing ourselves away on Spain’s flight from the Barajas airport maybe was not the best idea, and nobody told us that the luggage hold was not going to be heated. My colleague-in-arms Goran Arsic says that maybe he will never have children again, but in his case maybe that is a good thing! Deciding to jump off before the plane landed to avoid the men from “aduanas” was also, in the sight from my behind, not so clever, not just because our “Caprabo supermarket bag” parachutes didn’t really help the fall, but also because we landed in the Transvaal game reserve! I had three lions on my shirt, and I was wearing my Spain kit!

Anyway we are here, and ready to tell you all about what is going on. We are just happy that the rules are not like that Eurovision song contest that we saw a few days ago. “Well, we liked the way that Spain won six nil, but actually we are going to vote for Slovenia in exchange for some tax concessions on the import of our main products of green matured yak’s cheese! Nul points for Spain!”

The first match between South Africa and Mexico has already taken place as we speak, and we were able to see it on a giant screen with a big crowd in Johancruyffsburg. Goran sneaked in a vuvuzela down his trousers and got some admiring looks from the local ladies until he accidentally farted in to the trumpet and frightened them off, but we had a great time anyway! Now we just have to find somewhere to stay, and see if we can find our way to Durban for Spain’s first game with Switzerland. Whatever, this is going to be fun!