Anyone want a goalkeeper?

Anyone want a goalkeeper? We’ve got lots! Capello must be regretting now that Almunia didn’t apply for the British passport after what happened last night. The Arsenal keeper is about number seven or eight in Spain after Casillas, Reina, Valdés, Diego López, Palop, De Gea, Asenjo and who knows else, but he is better than anything England can produce right now. How many times have goalies let England down in the last few years? Calamity James, Robinson, Carson and now Robert Green’s big mistake against USA, gone forever are the great days of Gordon Banks, Peter Shilton and Ray Clemence! Oh well, one less for Spain to worry about!

Being called Green didn’t help either, except for people who write funny articles about football. “Green was too green!” they say! I an just hoping that Hans Wobbli makes a mistake for Switzerland against our team next Wednesday, but that is unlikely as it is a joke name I just made up!

Anyway, it’s not all Green’s fault. If England had scored more goals it wouldn’t be such big news, but don’t forget that USA are not such a bad side. After all, they are the only ones to beat Spain in the last two years, and they did that in South Africa in the Confederations Cup a year ago! So don’t give up hope yet, England. You probably won’t have to play Spain until the semi-finals! By then maybe Capello will be playing Heskey in goal?