A night in a Kwa-Zulu village…

Hello everybody, back again, and sorry for the late report. It’s just that we couldn’t find a way to send it. We got to Durban, but every hotel was full, and there was nowhere to stay. So we drive Traba up in to the mountains (she didn’t like it a lot, lot’s of wheezing noises!), and we finally find a traditional Zulu village which is offering huts to rent for the night. Great, we say, but does it have Wi-Fi? We must have a hut with Wi-Fi, as we are famous reporters on the World Cup and we have to send our daily reports. The man at the entrance gives us a funny look, but he says “you want hut with wiffy, are you sure?” Yes, we say, for sure we are sure. So he takes us to a hut at the end of the village and leaves us there.

Later on the tribe’s chief kindly invites us to his hut to watch the day’s games on his television. He tells us stories about the history of Kwa-Zulu and we sample the home-brewed beer, which is very strong, and we return to our own hut late in the evening missing a couple of legs each. But what is that smell, it’s horrible? We discover that they have placed us right next to the local “lavabos”, planks reaching out over the cliff with holes cut in the middle, and the wind is blowing our way! There is no other hut free, and I have to put my bambas near to my nose to be able to sleep! In the morning the stink is still there, but the wind has changed and it is not the latrines, but a goat which has sneaked it’s way in to Goran’s sleeping bag to get away from the cold! He was too drunk last night to notice! Anyway we can’t connect our Pi-Cis to the Wi-Fi and we complain to the man on the gate, but he says we got what we asked for and we have to pay up! Maybe he doesn’t speak good English or something?

Anyway, all of that is just to say what happened, and to ask our great and wonderful Editor not to take it off our pay for late reporting! As for the games, not a lot to talk about once again. We didn’t see if the New Zealand players did the Haka thing (we’d love to see how the Zulus answer that one!), but we were happy that they got their late goal to draw. The next matches were interesting as we will have to play a team from the group G, but Ivory Coast and Portugal couldn’t score, and the only thing we learnt was that Cristiano Ronaldo has at least learned how to say the “F” word when he was at Manchester United! And after that we watched Brazil and North Korea, and although by then the beer was flowing happily, from what I remember Brazil are not as big a worry as we thought, and they almost threw it away near the end!

Once the hangovers had died down a bit this morning we drive down to Durban, and after leaving Traba somewhere on the beach front (hope we can remember where!), we go to a local bar to take in the game between our group H rivals Chile and Honduras. Chile win that one without Zaragoza striker “Chupete” Suazo, but even with him in the team we shouldn’t have any problems with either of them. But first up it’s Switzerland – just send this from the internet café, pick up a pair of anti-vuvuzela earplugs and we’re on our way to the stadium! Everybody else has already played, but Blatter has been saving the best for last, eh? Y viva España!