Watch out for the Latin Americanos!

So, no use spilling over cried milk, we lost and that’s it. But a win against Honduras on Monday and everything is back on track. There are five days to go to that match though, so we decide to take a trip somewhere to take our minds off the football. Goran wants to go back to the Zulu village to make things up with the goat, he was drunk and didn’t know she was there, but I say let it go, two ships passing in the night and all that! Sometimes Goran can be a bit strange! But we decide anyway to head back up in to Kwa-Zulu land, taking in the famous beer route before going on to Swaziland and then back to Jo’berg.

We can’t forget the football altogether though, and we pick our stops carefully to take in the next matches while trying out the local beverages. The Latin American teams are looking good, Uruguay with our own (if I may say so) Diego Forlán beating the Bafana-Bafana 3-0 – we all sympathised with each other after that one – and the next day Argentina with our own (If I may say so again) Messi and Higuaín taking apart South Korea. We check in to our hotel in Mbabane in time for the last game between France and Mexico (lot’s of familiar faces there too – Abidal (in the centre of defence?), Márquez (in midfield?) and Henry (on the bench?), as well as Guille Franco, Guatehmoc, Guardado, Giovani, all played in our great La Liga). And it’s a strong showing by Mexico to leave the French almost out. This is a bit worrying for us, as our next two opponents are both Latin American as well, Honduras and Chile! And we all said the danger will only start at the knock-out stage!