Real Madrid, what have you done!?!

Any talk of a triple to match Barça’s feat is already over after they were knocked out of the cup by neighbouring second division B team Alcorcón! My fellow countryman Hristo Stoichkov (as an ex Barcelona player, always happy to see his big enemy humiliated) rubbed smelly salts in to the wounds by saying that, from now on, a 4-0 result will be known as an “Alcorcón”! Guti has been castrated, sorry castigated, by Pellegrini after the first leg defeat, but now the word is out that the coach only has until the game in the Nou Camp to turn things around, otherwise he will be beans-on-toast! OK, it was an awful result, but what the heckle, changing the manager every three months can’t be the answer, whatever the noise is coming from the terraces of the Bernabeu?