We watch Capello’s England in Swaziland!

Swaziland is an amazing country! King Mswati III has 14 wives and 23 children, but that is nothing compared to his well known father King Sobuhza II (what a great name!) who had 70 wives and over 1,000 grandchildren! As a result everybody you meet is Prince or Princess somebody or other! The king though reigns together with his mother, who is known as the “She Elephant”, and when a king dies it is up to a council of elderberries to choose the “She Elephant”, who can only have one child, a son, who is then king! Mswati’s mother was chosen after Sobuhza died in 1982 when he was only 14, and he went to school in England (Sherborne School) before coming back to rule at 18. Imagine that happening in Spain, the Queen would be furious if the King started marrying other wives, not to mention if you called her a she-elephant!

Well that’s enough of Borja Pantzov’s interesting facts lessons for now! We decide to drive around and see the countryside (as far as Traba will allow us), and try and find some bars with television sets. Borja doesn’t have much money left though after he got carried away in the Casino last night, and the first job is to cash in travellers cheques at the bank. Hope we have enough left to last us through – maybe it would be a good thing if we got knocked out early on! (Goran says I have to wash my mouth out with soap and water after saying that!).

We are not the only team in trouble though, and we are surprised to see Germany lose to Serbia after their good first game, and we were even more surprised to see them miss a penalty! Check the FIFA rule books, surely that is not allowed? Then we watch Slovenia versus USA, and what was the referee Mr. Coulibaly from Mali thinking about? He will have some explaining to do to Mr. Blatter (and Mr. Obama!) for disallowing America’s last goal! I hope we don’t get a referee like him next time around, remember South Korea from eight years ago!

Anyway the last match is between England and Algeria, surely England will win this one? But of course we forget that Fabiano Capello is in charge, and it is his 64th birthday (which is totally irrelevant to our report, but another interesting fact!). The draw between Slovenia and USA means that England can draw this one and still go through if they beat Slovenia in the final group game. We know Capello from when he was at Real Madrid, always calculating, always playing the safe option (and always boring!), so why is it a surprise that everything finished nil nil? For us the only surprise was that he brought on an extra striker Peter Crouch near the end, and not a second goalkeeper. Now you know why Madrid fired him, even though he won La Liga for them that year! Don’t worry though England fans, Capello is a winner and you will go a long way in this competition, even if you miss most of it through being asleep!