Our Spanish referee makes his mark!

We are making a lot of new friends here in Swaziland, and with them we watch today’s games. What we didn’t realize though is that the referee who caused all the paklava in the Germany Serbia match a couple of days ago was our old friend Undiano Mallenco! Sorry for our readers, but the main headline in the Swaziland Times is “Gospel star strips virgin for sex”, and there is not a lot of news on the “el Mundial”! Undiano though (one of the more moderate Spanish referees!) showed nine yellow cards and a red for Klose, the highest so far in the World Cup by a mile, and that might be it for him! Same as always, we suppose!

In the morning we watch the famous dancers who like those who appeared on Paul Simon’s wonderful “Graceland” album, Diamonds on the Soles of Your Shoes and all that. But we see the sad side of the country as well talking to the locals, the highest AIDS casualties in the world, average life expectancy 32 years, and a lot of poor people. Still they seem to be happy, and the World Cup is great for them and an opportunity for them to tell their stories and improve their lives. What a lot of hardships they have gone through though, both here and in South Africa! We just hope that, when we all go away, something gets better for them all. They deserve it!

So what happened today? Holland are already qualified after beating Japan 1-0, and if Mourinho wants to bring Sneijder back to Real Madrid he will have to pay a bit more after he got the only goal. Why do they let all their good players go? Cameroon are out though despite an opening goal from Samu, losing 1-2 to Denmark. In the afternoon Germany were given a bit of help by the battling Aussies, who restored some pride after drawing 1-1 with Ghana. They had to do it after the Kiwis drew their first match, otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed back in the country! Everything now depends on the last day, and any of the four will go through if they win (although Goran says the Aussies will probably have to score ten against Serbia, depending on the combination!). Another night here then on to Jo’berg – the (next) big day is approaching!