Yes, yes, yes, we are still in this!

Yes, yes, yes, we are still in this! How we didn’t win by five or six against Honduras is beyond me, but two will do for now. David Villa was a “fiera”, what a goal he scored to start things off! A bit of luck in the second goal, but about time we had some for once! For example, Villa hit the bar again before that, and the jolly Japanese referee missed a couple of clear penalties. Fernando Torres should have scored the fastest hat-trick in the history of the World Cup, but he is still working his way back after an injury, and we forgive him for now. He will get goals later on, for sure. Sergio Ramos missed a couple, Fábregas had one cleared off the line, and Villa should have had a hat-trick if he hadn’t missed another penalty. So let’s see, that makes it 12-0 if they had all gone in!

But let’s not jump our chickens before they are crossed, we still have to beat Chile to get to the next round, and today they beat Switzerland who beat us! I think maybe Honduras could get a result against Switzerland, which would help, but we can’t count on that. And even if we get to the last sixteen, we have to play Brazil or Portugal (assuming Ivory Coast don’t score twelve against North Korea), and they are both scoring goals. Portugal actually got seven today against the Koreans! Not that we have any worries about that, Spain can beat anyone if they play attacking football, the only problems we have are against teams who play a 9-0-1 formation. Anyway we have four days to think about that, and there are some great matches to look forward to. As Croatia are not in it, Goran wouldn’t mind seeing Slovenia play England, but Port Elizabeth is too far away. We might watch Germany Ghana at Soccer City, or Italy Slovakia at Ellis Park, but whatever happens we will be in Pretoria on Friday. Spain’s going to need all the help they can get!