Strange, we are starting to like Maradona!

Well, after the relief of a win at last we settle in to a nice hotel on the edge of town for a few days. Jo’berg is a big bustling city that could be anywhere in the world, lots of big office blocks and MacDonalds restaurants, but there is a special atmosphere for this World Cup. We are now approaching the last round of group games, and it is a pity that the Bafana Bafana were knocked out yesterday, even though they did win against France. We hope that that does not affect the good spirit!

As we predicted, it is the Latin American teams that are doing best, and Uruguay, Mexico and Argentina are through so far together with South Korea. What a team Argentina have, Maradona resting Higuaín and Tévez and still able to bring on Agüero and Milito, and even Martin Palermo comes on and gets a goal! I wonder if his pension office knows he is still working? And Messi captain, the youngest in the World Cup so far. Something strange is happening though – we are starting to like Maradona! Has he had a personality transplant, or have Argentina kidnapped him and sent over an actor in disguise? Whatever, his enthusiasm and humour is inspiring his side, and even his line-ups make sense after so many strange decisions in the qualifiers!

Anyway, today’s games are going to be great as well, with England needing to win against Slovenia. After all the problems they have had, I would like to be a fly on Capello’s trousers when he gives his team talk today! Capello has three things going for him, he is lucky, he is a winner and his teams produce the most boring football in the world, so we see them going through 1-0. Goran will not be so happy if that happens though as he is supporting his neighbouring country Slovenia, but maybe both could go through to the last sixteen? And an England versus Germany for the next round, that would be fun!