The big derby

So, one week away from the big derby game against Real Madrid, and Barcelona are having problems (aside note: why do we call it a derby game, which should be between two teams from the same town? I don’t know – why do you call these games “derby” – that’s just a town in the middle of England, no? It’s all a mystery to me, but then I don’t know much!). Anyway, Messi got injured on Saturday, and with Ibrahimovic already out, Touré Yaya, Abidal, Márquez and we don’t know who else with “A” flu as we call it over here, and Henry reportedly having trials for the Barcelona “handball” team, Pep doesn’t have much of a squad to pick from. And before Madrid they have an enormous game against Inter Milan to get through! It’s the price you pay for having a light squad, but if anything gives Madrid the advantage this season it’s having a much bigger bunch of experienced players to call on.