We are in Cape Town!

The celebrations are over for now, and we wake up with big overhangs! I don’t remember an elephant treading on my head last night, but that’s what it feels like. I must check the local papers to see if one got away from the compound. Anyway we must get off early, and as we are coming back to Jo-Cole-berg in a few days (either to play Paraguay or Japan, or to go home!), we agree to reserve our rooms and leave Traba in the car park. Sat Nav is already chatting up the Daf parked next door, “Do you come here often? How do you get here then, take the A15 trunk road or do you prefer the scenic route through the hills?”. Boring and corny, we think, but maybe Sat Navs find that sort of talk interesting? Anyway, it’s off to the airport for the early morning cheapie to C-T. Someone says to Goran at the check-in, “My God, your eyes look bad!”. “You should see them from this side” he replies. The old jokes are always the best!

We look at the tourist guide on the plane and decide the first thing to do is to go up Table Mountain. We rush there after finding our hotel, but there is a three week queue for the cable-car (at least it looks like that), so we decide to walk around the pretty town centre and find somewhere to watch today’s games. The knock-out stage has started, but the first two games are not so interesting, for us anyway, although one of those four teams will be in the semi-final the way the draw has worked out. Anyway the winners are Uruguay and Ghana, who will play next weekend in their quarter final.

Uruguay’s goals are scored by a man with a famous name, Luis Suárez – we are too young to remember Spain’s Luis Suárez, “el arquitecto”, still the only Spanish player to win the European footballer of the year, and one of the stars when Spain won the Euro championship in 1964. As I have mentioned before in these pages, I myself was conceived by my parents just hours after the final, so Don Luis was in a way my “architect” as well! Then Ghana went on to beat USA, even though Mr. Clinton was in the ground sitting next to Sir Mick Jagger and Mr. Obama was watching on television, so there goes their aid budget this year! They are the only African team left though, so they will get a lot of local support. Anyway it’s been a long day and we have a lot to see, so we’ll sign off for now. Hasta mañana!