The Portuguese get here before us!

This morning we decide to take a trip to the Cape of Good Hope, which is what gave Cape Town it’s name (Goran has got over his disappointment that it is not the home of Batman). The Cape is to the South of the town, but it is not the most southern point of Africa, which is actually Cape Agulhas (Cape Needles in Portuguese), further down the coast. The Portuguese got here before us it seems, as they did in this World Cup, when they beat North Korea 7-0 a few days ago. We just hope they have let off all their steam in that match, and have nothing left when they play us the day after tomorrow night! Anyway there is not so much to see, a lot of rocks and wild sea and a monument to Vasco da Gama, who was apparently a famous Portuguese captain sometime around the year 1500 (didn’t know they played football back then!). We walk around for a bit with our guide, but Goran is being harassed by a lady baboon who has taken a liking to him, so we go back to the tour bus and wait for the driver to take us back to town. We’ve seen enough of Portugal for now thank you!

Big games on today though, and we find a pub to watch England against Germany. There are still a few English stragglers left who couldn’t find their way back after they played Algeria here ten days ago, so we sit down with them. Germany are playing well though, and they score two goals which make England’s defence look like Swiss cheese (or not, as the Swiss didn’t let in any against us – maybe English cheese has holes in it? Sorry, this is getting us nowhere, on with the report!). Anyway Upson gets one back for England, and then Lampard scores and the referee doesn’t see it! But it was two yards over the line! How many times have we asked FIFA for technology, do they ever listen to us? Why not at least put assistants behind the goals like they did in the Europa League? Now there’ll be a big outcry, but Blatter probably won’t do anything, as ever.

For a few minutes England still look like they might score, but they are transformed in to donkeys after half time (what did Capello say to them?), and Germany score two more on breakaways. They go through, so we say goodbye to our new English friends (after buying their semi-final tickets off them!) and move on before they can drown themselves in pints of beer. A slow death they say, but what do we have to live for after that? We hope they are alright, but now we have to make a decision before the next game, Mexican Chile House or Argentinian Steak Bar?

Given the state of Goran’s insides we decide the Steak Bar is safer, and it proves a good move as they win the game 3-1. But there is another refereeing controversy, Tévez scores the first goal from one of the most offside offside positions I have ever seen! There was not even one player between him and the goal, let alone two! Then to make matters worse the television people flash up the replay on the giant screen at the stadium, which the Mexican players watch! We think the linesman saw it too as he calls for another pair of underpants, but the referee has already given the goal, and after a lot of complaining it is allowed to stand. Argentina score two more after that, including a crackerjack from Tévez, so maybe that makes the linesman feel a bit better, but now we are worried about what will happen on Tuesday. We don’t know yet who our referee will be, we just hope he brings his glasses with him!