FIFA take quick action on referees (or not?)!

So, FIFA have finally taken action on the refereeing controversy. They have banned action replays in the grounds! That way we won’t have players complaining when they see the mistakes the referees are making. Incredible! Once this is over though they will have to do something, as everybody is complaining, and even Mr. Blatter will have to take notice. One betting company apparently paid up on a bet that Lampard would score, even though it wasn’t given! Poor old England though, not only were they robbed by the referee but they had their underpants stolen from their hotel rooms! We are not sure which was worse, losing to Germany or that!

Everybody was watching the referees yesterday after all the bad decisions, and who was first up? Our old friend Undiano Mallenco! He was in charge of the game between Holland and Slovakia, but apart from a last minute penalty to the Slovaks when the game was just about over he probably did alright. Holland have a lot of support over here, as the fore-fathers and five-fathers and whatever-other-number-of-fathers of the Africaans people originated from the nether regions (as did all of us if you put it that way!). The star of course is Robben, and it seems they have even named an island after him over here for the World Cup! He gets his usual type of goal to start things off and Sneijder gets the second, and we wonder once again why Real Madrid allowed both of them to go!

Second game up is between Brazil and Chile, and the referee here is another “viejo conocido”, England’s Howard Webb. He is not very popular in Spain as he has made some strange decisions against Spanish teams, but he doesn’t have much work to do in this one as Brazil are comfortable 3-0 winners. We decide to watch this in the “Casa Little Brazil”, which has been set up for Brazil’s World Cup fans in a Civic Centre at Sea Point. Quite a few Portugal fans are there as they speak the same language, but they are friendly and we get on well as Brazil cruise through without too many problems. A bit worrying as we struggled to beat Chile in the group stage, but if we do meet Brazil it will be in the final, so too early to worry about that! Anyway, Goran’s eyes are as big as “ensaimadas” when he sees the Samba dancers, and in fact I haven’t seen him since he murmured something about going to get himself a “Cuba Libre” and headed off in the direction of the girls dressing rooms. I hope he turns up soon, he’s going to miss the big match!