We are through to the quarter finals!

Fantastic, we made it through to the quarter finals! Sir David Villa scored again, and we beat Portugal 1-0! At first it looks like we are going to score a bag-full, but the Portugal goalkeeper is good – he did not let in one goal in the group stage. And after that we start to look like Superman when he has just had a bowlful of curried kryptonite – normal! Our super powers have gone, and even Saint Iker is looking vulnerable as he fumbles a long shot from his Real Madrid team mate Cristiano Ronaldo. Surely he practises with him all year, so it must be something to do with the Jabulani ball?

Fernando Torres also seems to have lost his ability, but we put that down in part to lack of match practise after his injury, and in part to his haircut. He was a lot better with long blond hair, but now he is just one of the crowd. Anyway Del Bosque replaces him with his namesake, Fernando Llorente Torres, and within a minute Llorente almost scores! Now things are picking up, and the Barça connection clicks as Iniesta and Xavi set up Villa. Eduardo saves his first shot with his left foot, but Villa still has one foot remaining and he uses it to score!

Still half an hour left, but Queiroz continues to play with nine defenders and Cristiano Ronaldo alone up front. Good for us! Eduardo saves well again from Ramos and Llorente heads just wide, and as time runs out Valencia’s new signing Ricardo Costa sets the scene for a lively derby with Villarreal after flattening Capdevila with his elbow. He is obviously not thinking that far ahead though, and the Argentinian referee Baldassi sends him away to start running the bath for his team mates.

And then it’s all over, no bad refereeing decisions, no Cristiano Ronaldo magic, and La Roja have their super powers back! We can go back to Jo-Cocker-berg for a few more days at least for a quarter final against Paraguay, who beat Japan 5-4 on a penalty shoot out this afternoon after a boring 0-0 draw. Not just yet though, we decide to stay a couple more days here as it’s more fun! Goran turned up this morning speaking fluent Portuguese which he says he learnt overnight from the busty Brazilian lady he had in tow, and we are all invited back to the Casa Little Brazil for tea and biscuits (dear accountant at Soccer-Spain, when checking our expense claim that’s Caipirinha in Brazilian!). No football tomorrow for the first time in three weeks, so our report may be a little late. We promised ourselves a trip to Stellenbosch to celebrate!