The octopus got it right!

Si, si, si, the octopus got it right again! The famous German cephalopod “Paul” was risking being “pulpo con patatas” after predicting that Spain would win the semi-finals against his own team, but he chose the right box once again! And we are going to play the World Cup final!

What a night! On the anniversary of San Fermín, the seventh day of the seventh month and the start of the “encierros” in Pamplona, the Spanish “mozos” give the run-around to the “toros” of Germany! We all think Torres might not start, but nobody (except maybe Paul?) expects Pedro to be in the starting line-up. But once again Don Vicente gets it right, and with seven from Barça, three from Real Madrid and Capdevilla we win for the third game in a row by one to zero!

Pedro starts well and almost sets up Villa, then Puyol heads over from Xavi’s cross. Good start, and Xabi Alonso tries his luck from long range. Germany start to pull men back though, just like they all do against us, and Casillas has to make his first save from Trochowski. Careful with the breakaways and the corners, they are bigger than us, and there is a scare when Sergio Ramos tackles Özil on the edge of the area – no foul says the ref, but was it in or out of the area? Doesn’t matter though, play goes on.

Second half, and we are back on top. Xabi Alonso shoots wide twice, Villa again, Pedro has a shot saved, Iniesta crosses the rebound and Villa just doesn’t get there! Then it’s Germany’s turn, Klose hooks one in to the crowd, Ramos brings down Podolski – no penalty, phew! – Kroos is free but his shot is saved by Casillas – good job that wasn’t Klose, he doesn’t miss those!

But then we score, after all the tica-taca it’s a straight forward corner on to the bonce of Carlos “the Shark” Puyol – just when you thought you were safe…. The Barça captain almost takes the head off Piqué as he runs in to thump a mighty header past Neuer, and we are in front!

It’s not over yet though, and Joaquin Löw brings on his secret weapon Mario Gómez who has a Spanish father. Surely he can’t sink us, that would be too much! Del Bosque takes off Villa and brings on Torres, OK but what if Germany equalise and we go to extra time without our top scorer?

By now Germany have given up on defence, but Piqué has grown to a height of two metres fifty, and he clears everything. And then Pedro is away, with Torres alongside him and only one defender! But Pedro decides to go it alone, and he messes it up with Torres standing so close to goal he could stick out his tongue and lick the goal-post. What have you done! Pedro knows it and looks broken, and Del Bosque decides to take him off and bring on David Silva.

Still five minutes left and either side can score, but eventually the referee puts us out of our misery. Forty million people in Spain jump in to the air (well 39,999,999, as my grandma doesn’t like football much), and we are going back to Jo-DiMaggio-burg for the final against Holland!

Hope we can make it though – we have just spent the last three days trying to get to Durban (sorry for no reports in the meantime) – and only just arrive in time for the kick off. First it was Sat Nav who is love-struck after his date with the Daf and decides to take us on a romantic tour of some of the more obscure regions of South Africa, then Traba breaks down in the middle of the Game Park. Goran bravely decides to get out and push, but then we lose another 24 hours for him to have his leg sewn back on after getting mistaken for a lion’s first course! Anyway, enough of our troubles, the important thing is that we are in the World Cup Final! It’s all a bit of a dream right now, hope we don’t wake up with a bad bump on our heads on Sunday!