A star on our shirt at last?

We have just found out that we will have a star on our shirts if we win the World Cup! Michael Caine is famous for saying “not a lot of people know that!”, and we are sure that not a lot of people know this either! But in today’s Marca newspaper in Spain they have published pictures of the shirts, and it’s true! Brazil have five stars, Germany three, England one etc., etc. And if we beat Holland today, we will have our first. Another reason that we have to win today!

So what is the latest news? Nobody is sure whether Pedro will keep his place in the side, whether Torres will return, or whether Del Bosque will surprise us again. The great thing about Spain is that we have some great players, and with Cesc Fábregas, David Silva, Jesús Navas, Llorente and Mata as attacking alternatives we could even put out two line-ups which could win this game! But Nelson Mandela’s grandson said on the radio today that the country will be supporting Holland due to the Dutch roots in the country. They have won all their games so far, and have even beaten Brazil! So we must not be complacent, and we have to be at our best if we want to win.

And finally a message for the English referee Howard Webb, please keep an eye on Van Bommel! We don’t know why he has not been sent off so far – maybe he is on a witness protection programme and has been given immunity against yellow cards after grassing on some betting scam? But whatever the case, he has been kicking players all the way through the tournament and has been let off all the time! And watch out for the penalties – we should have had one or two against Switzerland and you turned them down. This is the World Cup final, and the world is watching. All we ask is that we get a fair deal! Oh, and a star on the shirt at the end! (11.07.10)