Euro 2012 starts in Liechtenstein

Back to Spain after Mexico, and Goran and I only need a few days in oxygen masks to recover from our flight home! So many things have happened since we have been away, mainly changes to our teams this summer. Mourinho is here at last – what fun we will have! Some big signings despite the crisis, people we saw in the World Cup, Özil, Khedira, Di María, Mascherano, Ponce, Quincy etc., and some we didn’t like Trezeguet. But after the first round of matches, is anybody really going to catch Barcelona?

Anyway the Euro 2012 qualifiers are already here, so it’s thumbs out and hitch-hike off to Liechtenstein for the opening match. This one is just a question of how many we can score (sorry Liechtenstein, but that’s how it is!). When we get there Goran wants to open a bank account in Vaduz (I don’t know why) but when they tell him that the minimum deposit is €50,000 he decides it is not such a good idea after all.

Not a lot to report on the match, we play great as usual but only manage to score four. The good news though is that “El Niño” looks to be on good form , scoring a couple of cracking goals which might even have gone in against a proper team. Villa also gets his “golito”, but he misses the easiest of chances in the last minute to draw level with our all-time top scorer and beatified hero Raúl. The great man himself has been sent in to exile in Germany – will we ever see him again on our hallowed turfs? Only time will tell!

Anyway, our boys are off tomorrow to Argentina to play Messi and his crowd, a game that has been billed in Argentina as the World Cup final which never was! With Maradona in charge, for us it was a game that was never going to be! Batista is the new man now though, so maybe things will be different? Not sure if we’ll make it this time however, we have been a long time on the road, and maybe we’ll watch it in a local bar this time around. Perhaps we are just getting old?