A big defeat against Argentina

I hope you will forgive us for not travelling to Argentina for this one, but after all our adventures Goran and I are suffering a bit from Weldschmerz – in fact we are schmerzing all over from our trips around the Weld, if you know what I am talking about! Also, the nice people at Soccer-Spain say we have spent our budget for the next five years at the World Cup, and they are questioning some of our expenses, especially the ones written in Goran’s handwriting saying “voucher for confidential expenses incurred holy and exclusively for the business, for sure”, which is what they told us in the first place they needed! There’s no pleasing some people!

So for the game against Argentina we decide to stay at home in Barcelona and watch it in our favourite Argentinian steak bar – at least that way we get the atmosphere. It’s only a friendly anyway, although in Buenos Aires they are billing it as the World Cup final that never was. No it wasn’t, cause we got there and you didn’t, we had a proper manager and you didn’t!

But then maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to go there as they start to score lot’s of goals against us. We ask for ribs and that’s what we get, ribbing, as the waiters take the Miguel out of us each time the ball goes in the net. First Messi – hey, he’s one of ours! Not today he isn’t! Then Higuaín – another one of ours – same reply! Then disaster, Reina slips trying to kick the ball, and Tévez runs in and scores. You watered the pitch, you c*brones! Not our fault if your keeper can’t stand on his own two feet! Turns out that Reina’s father did something similar twenty-odd years ago when he played for in goal Spain against Holland, and they’re still talking about it – like father like son!

Well, to make matters worse Villa rattles the “madera” a couple of times, but the ball doesn’t go in. Still, better to have he bad luck in a game like this rather than a serious one! Del Bosque is certainly treating it as a friendly, lining up with five changes from Liechtenstein, and changing his goalkeeper and his three forwards at half time. And “El Niño” doesn’t even get on the pitch, despite scoring two at the weekend. Better in the second half though, another crossbar from Cazorla and then Llorente scores at last. But then Agüero makes it four near the end – hey, he’s…. don’t even go there, we are told!

So the worst defeat under Del Bosque – nobody had even scored three against us under “el jefe” until now. Poor old Marchena’s record comes to an end, 57 games without losing up to this one. Bet he wishes he had been left on the bench this time! But no real harm done except to our pride – we probably won’t be able to go back to our favourite bar for a bit until they forget about this one! Some reports in the Argentinian press say that the players were out boozing and wenching in famous Buenos Aires discotheques before the match, but this has been officially denied – can’t be true they say, Borja and Goran weren’t even there!