The FIFA virus strikes again!

It happens every year, but now that we are World Champions it is getting worse. It is a disease which hits our international footballers every time they go away, and when they get back they it stops them from playing well in the next game. The longer the trip the worse it gets, and if we have to go to other time zones with jets lagging all over the place, or countries where maybe the food is too hot (like Mexico) or other distractions such as having to meet pretty lady presidents in Argentina or that sort of thing (and from what we hear pretty ladies who are not the president but who probably earn more money than she does!).

Whatever the case just look at Real Madrid and Barcelona this weekend. Madrid only just beat Osasuna 1-0 (but then that could just be Mourinho?), and Barça lost at home to Hércules of all teams, after only dropping two points at home all last season – there must be a funny line about the giants becoming giant killers or something, but we can’t think of it right now. The game Spain against Argentina was like a Barcelona training session, with ten of their players on one side or another! Please Federation, we know that you want to make hey-hoe while the sun shines and all that, and it’s nice to have a buck or two in the bank for the hard times when we lose to Cyprus and Albania, but there must be another way of scraping together a bit of cash!