Is Messi made out of rubber?

Did you all see Ujfalusi’s tackle on Messi? Wasn’t it horrible, with his ankle all twisted up like that! Goran says, that’s him out until Christmas then, it must be broken, but then we get the news that he is only going to be out for ten days! Goran and I have a theory though after that – Messi must be made out of rubber! In fact he does look a bit like one of those rubber TV puppets the Smurfs, and that is probably why he keeps bouncing up again all the time! Wonder which one he is, Brilliant Footballer Smurf or something? Don’t remember him from my childhood days though?

Smurfs are blue, but on Sunday Barcelona were dressed like little green men, running rings around Atlético marshalled by the Jolly Green Giant, Piqué. Maybe then Barcelona players are really not from this planet at all! Puyol as you all know is hundreds of years old and made entirely from stone, just like those stone heads they found in Peru or somewhere. In fact maybe he is one of those! And Dani Alves reminds of those furry Gremlins who turned out not to be so furry after all. Just watch him when it rains! That would make Guardiola ET or something? Bald head, big ears, makes his players fly through the air… We may be on to something!