Off to see Spain play Lithuania in Salamanca (eventually)

Spain will play Lithuania in Vicente Del Bosque’s place of origin, say the sports papers. Where’s that?, says Goran? Easy, I say, Del Bosque was manufactured in the workshops in the bowels of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, where he played and managed all his life before taking over from Don Luis, and has the Real Madrid trademark stamped on his bottom underneath his whiter than white underpants. It must be in Madrid. So off we trot, but when we get to the Bernabeu it is deserted, only a couple of sad-looking substitutes in training who haven’t been called up for their countries. Where’s the match? we ask, and they tell us Salamanca! It seems Don Vicente is a real person, with a mother and father and all that, and was not made out of old bits of Juanito and Gento and the rest! Who would have known?

Anyway, its not far away, there is still time to jump on a train, and off to watch La Roja against Lithuania. Goran’s girlfriend Ima Bitvilius is of course from Lithuania, and she has joined us as well as my own dear Nokya Blokov. For sure the girls have been a bit funny since we got back from the World Cup, especially after they got an anonymous tip-off to read our blog (we must be careful what we say in the future!), but they are delighted to be in Salamanca as it is an old university town with lots of nice shops, and they will be staying on for another day as we go to Burgos to see Spain’s under 21 team take on Goran’s native Croatia. We just hope they don’t spend all our money!

Well by now you will have read about the game against Lithuania, so there is not much more to tell. We have several players injured as we said in our last report, but Spain have a never ending supply of great players, and the Xavis, Cescs and Xabi Alonsoses are not really missed. We actually suspect that Del Bosque has set up an illicit cloning facility somewhere (maybe we should check the Salamanca university?), and he is churning out new players like Llorente. He is obviously a clone of Fernando Torres, and even his name is Fernando Llorente Torres – not very clever to call him that if you are trying to cover it all up! Anyway, who cares, he scores two and David Silva gets another (all headers!), and we have another three points in the “saco de cebollas”. Sixteen wins in a row now in qualifying tournaments – we can already start planning a trip to Poland and the Ukraine!