Paul the Octopus is dead!

What sad news! Paul the Octopus is dead! Goran and I were so upset we went straight to our favourite restaurant in Barcelona with our girlfriends and four other friends and ordered “pulpo con patatas” in his memory. We sit down, and one of our friends tells us he was driving round the Barcelona ring road the other day when he sees this three-legged chicken closing up on him in his wing mirror! So he accelerates to try and get away, but the chicken keeps up with him, and eventually signals with his wing and overtakes him. “I wonder what that was all about”, he says, and decides to try and follow. The chicken leads him off the motorway and a merry dance along some country roads before turning in to a farm and disappearing.

My friend parks his car and sees an old farmer and his wife sitting outside their house. “Did you see a three-legged chicken come through here?”, he asks, and they reply, yes, it’s one of ours, we breed them”. “why do you do that?” asks our friend. “Well”, says the farmer, “I like a leg, my wife likes a leg, and our son Jordi likes a leg, so we thought we’d breed them like that”. “Extraordinary”, says our friend, “and what does the meat taste like?”. “dunno”, says the farmer, we ain’t caught one yet!”. Anyway there were eight of us at the restaurant last night, so we had a leg each!