The Rich Coast

“So, Goran, where are we?”. “Costa Rica of course, the Gold Coast!”. “But this looks like Africa! Anyway, what do you mean “the Gold Coast”? If anything Costa Rica would be “the Rich Coast”, but as you SURELY know, they are Spanish speakers who live in Central America, and here they are speaking English, and also the sign says “Welcome to Ghana!””. Slowly it dawns on my good (soon to be ex-?) friend Goran Arsic. “I looked it up on my Croatian version of Winkipeed-ia using their universal translator, and that’s what I got!” he says looking a lot like a sheep called Kevin.

Goran had hitched us a lift this afternoon on a cargo plane through an ex girlfriend of his, but it didn’t look right after half an hour in to the flight when the sun was coming in from the side of the plane rather than the front. Goran put it down to global warming, and who was I to argue? He was the one who was good at geography at school!

Anyway, what to do? We still have a day or two before the match, but there is no way we can get to Costa Rica now. Maybe we can stay and see Accra, and watch a football match here? We find out that Ghana are playing Gabon on Tuesday, but somehow that doesn’t appeal, and the possibility of finding a bar which is showing the Spain game is more remote than Messi having a good game for Argentina, which is pretty remote! So Goran, use your contacts and try and get us back. If we are quick, maybe we can get to Córdoba to watch the under 21 side against Switzerland? “No problem”, says Goran, “now isn’t that in Argentina…”?