Perfidioso Albioni?

Hello everybody, Borja’s blog is back! Sorry we haven’t had time to keep this going, but what with one thing and another (mainly the other – the one thing didn’t really take up that much time) we have somehow let it go. Technology moves on as well though, and as our avid readers will know, I have been doing a bit of twittering with my fellow twit Goran Arsic. Anyway here we are, and, what have we been up to recently? Well, the big match of course was against England at Wembley, and we manage to get tickets to a ground we know and love after we saw Barça win the Champions League for a second time there. But is this really England or have we got on the wrong plane? Our taxi driver is called Mario, and all we can see around the ground are Trattorias, Pizzerias and Italian ice-cream salesmen!

The England coach is of course our old friend Capello, and the match starts with Don Fabio parking the team bus in front of the goal. Just look at his line up, four defenders, but aren’t his two anchormen Jones and Parker defenders as well? This is “Catenacchio”, not English football! The Marquis has put out his best line up for this one, but even so there is no way through, we are banging our heads against a “murillo de ladrillos”! And in the second half what happens, Bentini heads against the post and Lampardo scores against Liverpool goalkeeper Queen! Even Silver, Francis and Towers can’t get past Cervo (Killer didn’t even get on), and we lose by the single goal! Goran and I get on the first plane back to try and get our heads back together. The world is turning upside down! (12.11.11)