Barcelona’s passing game

So, they tell us, Barcelona have made 7,346 passes in their eleven league games, over 20% more than Real Madrid, who are second in “the passing league”, and 58% more than Valencia, who are third. Goran, who is pretty good at Maths (but lousy at navigating – I’m not going to let you forget that easily my friend), says that works out at 668 passes a game, 7.4 passes a minute, or to put it another way, one every eight seconds. Every minute of every match. Non-stop. All the time.

Just think about it. When I was playing football in the school patio, my old friend Ricardo Solé used to hang on to the ball for minutes at a time. Barça (or Spain for that matter) would probably have passed it 20 times before “R-sole” (as we nicknamed him) gave it to one of his team mates! An amazing statistic, but what is even more amazing is that somebody actually counts the number of passes!