My Tuesday night report on Friday

Hello again everyone, and those nice people at Soccer-Spain said why don’t you do a weekly round up every Tuesday? So here it is, but it’s already Friday by now as, well you know how things take time and nothing works out like you want it? Anyway, we all came back from our long international trips, some just within Europe, others to South America and one or two of us to Africa and beyond (?!?), and most players were looking pretty tired. Not Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo though, who as we know are not of this planet. Maybe the planet they do come from has heavier atmosphere or something, and it’s a bit like us going to the Moon and hopping around up there? Anyway, both played 90 minutes, and both scored again to keep up the fight once again for the Pichichi.

Barça of course didn’t have any problems against Zaragoza, but Madrid had a big match against Valencia, which they won 2-3. Was it a penalty by Higuaín at the end or not though? We saw it from all over the place, the front angle, the side angle, the top angle, the pentangle, the referee’s boot-cam angle (we made those last two up actually), but it still wasn’t clear if he handled it? Didn’t make much difference in the end though as the goal was given, so the rest is just discussing the sex of the angels, as we say over here. In any case Mou was clearly pleased by the result judging by the way he jumped on Callejón’s back! Callejón himself had a funny grin on his face as well when it happened – careful now, people will talk!

So what else went on? On Sunday little Muniain (“Bart Simpson” as they call him) got himself named in the European team of the week after he helped Athletic Bilbao beat Sevilla. He is not 19 until next month, and Del Bosque is already torn between calling him up for Euro 2012 or letting him go to the Olympics. The same goes for Thiago, Javi Martínez, Mata and maybe De Gea. What a lot of talent we have right now! The last match on Sunday between Granada and Mallorca was called off though after an assistant referee was hit by something thrown from the crowd, a disappointment especially for Martins, who had just scored a goal to dedicate to his little son, who is seriously ill. It turns out that the object was an umbrella belonging to a young immigrant, who said it accidentally fell apart in his hands as he waved it, leaving him holding the stick. A whole new meaning to flying off the handle?