Spanish goalkeepers

We are privileged in Spain with some of the best goalkeepers in the World! Iker Casillas is of course the best we have seen in our lifetimes (he is already a saint in many peoples eyes and could be the next Pope?), but we also have Reina, Diego López, Palop, Víctor Valdés (who is unlucky never to have played for Spain, although he did get called up once), and then César, Moyà, Aranzubia… the list goes on. Some youngsters are coming through, especially Atlético’s Sergio Asenjo and the even younger De Gea (although he has yet to prove he is not another Gary Sprake or David James – brilliant but then drops the ball in his own net when you least need it), and Almunia had to go to Arsenal to get a game and now they are saying he should play for England as they don’t have anyone with a better haircut! And look at Germany’s top keeper, Lehmann! He had to leave the Gunners as Almunia kept him out, and now he can’t even get through 90 minutes without having to go for a pee behind the publicity boards! Can you imagine if he did that in the World Cup Final? Must have been the name of his opponents which set him off. No disrespect meant, but Unirea Urizceni sounds like “can you guide me to the nearest gents toilet” in Esperanto!