Brazil’s bad boys

So, Guilherme is the latest “bad boy” to hit Spain! Reports say that the Brazilian full-back has been sent home early for the Christmas break by Almería so he can think over his future after too many raunchy late nights out. Brazilians have a bit of a history over here, the most recent being Ronaldinho, who would have been eligible to claim his first residence in a well-known Barcelona night club, and who often turned up (or didn’t) for training smelling like the back entrance of the San Miguel brewery! Robinho also had a bit of a reputation after being seen in a local chemists in the early hours of the morning asking for 40 condoms to take to a party he was at, and Romario scored more times in the discotheques than on the pitch, and the other day he passed his target of a thousand “dianas” (that’s goals in Spanish, not girls with that name!). Incidentally be careful with the language if you come to Spain. We call condoms “preservativos”, so make sure if you are trying out your pigeon-toed Spanish in a local restaurant you don’t ask if the home-made stew has any preservatives in it!