The man with three balls

So there’s this man who has three balls, and being reasonably concerned about it he goes to see his doctor. Sorry, says the doctor, I can’t do anything for you, but I can give you the name of a psychiatrist who can make you feel better about it. So he goes to see the shrink, who tells him, “what are you worried about, you are very privileged to have three, most of us only have two!”. The man leaves feeling really proud of himself, and is bursting to tell someone about his attributes. Five minutes later he’s on a bus, and he finds himself sitting next to Messi. “Do you know”, he says to Leo, “that between us we have five balls!”. “Why?”, says Messi, “do you only have one?”. (Goran says he thinks the joke works better leaving out Messi, but what the heck!).