Centenary year (or not!)

So, 96 years after the Spanish Football Federation was founded, we are celebrating the centenary! I know my maths at school was bad, but even I know that that doesn’t work out! In 1988 we had our 75th anniversary, so (take off shoes and socks to count) that makes 2013 for one hundred years, not 2009? What apparently happened was that our illustrious president Angel Villar decided that he couldn’t wait so long, and discovered that the “Federación Española de Clubs de Foot-ball” was actually formed in 2009. Ignoring the fact that this particular organisation was dissolved four years later, and actually had nothing to do with the RFEF, he revised all the dates, changed the badges and announced that this is the centenary year! Who cares though, we get a great match coming up against Argentina, and they are even going to publish a stamp for the occasion before the year end!