Catalunya’s win over Argentina

Congratulations to Catalunya for their victory over Argentina yesterday, especially as half the players had just come back from Abu Dhabi the day before. Maradonna made it easier for them of course with his usual lack of tactics, illogical team selection and all the rest, but there again maybe we shouldn’t criticise him as he may get upset with us. He was obviously not happy to sit in the stands after FIFA banned him for telling journalists where to stick it after Argentina scraped through to the World Cup finals. Better for Spain though if he stays on to the summer – one team less to worry about! His opposite number for the game was Johan Cruyff, who was asked by more journalists to say something in Catalan after he was given the job. He was more diplomatic though “I don’t even speak Spanish very well, English and German the same and maybe a bit better in Dutch, so why do you want me to violate Catalan?” He’ll go a long way, the boy will!