Barça v Almería

Did anyone see Barça play Almería? There’s so much confusion here in Spain over which channel is showing which match, that it’s hard to keep up. Goran and I have taken out subscriptions to everything we can, even the knitting channel, but even then we have missed some of the games. Anyway, it served for something at least, as Goran has knitted me a nice pull-under (like a pull-over, but you step in to it). This time the game was on Gol TV, and it was interesting to see the tactics of Hugo Sánchez, the man who has been hated in the Nou Camp since he touched his cojones in front of the crowd when playing for Real Madrid. He said he was just adjusting his wedding tackle as his knickers were a bit twisted, but everybody knows that is a big insult in Spain. Anyway, Hugo asked who knew Xavi the best, and Chico said he had played with him when he was at Barça B, so Hugo said stick to him like glue. The young chaval did his work so well that he followed him in to the changing room after the final whistle and asked for his shirt. Xavi is probably right now down at the local comisaria reporting a stalker!