Monday night football

That’s it then, La Liga have decided we are going to have Monday and Friday night football! Goran and I are over the mooning about this as the rest of the week is OK (Saturday, Sunday league, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, Europe, Cup, international games etc), but we never knew what to do on those two days. Our new girlfriends Nokya Blokov and Ima Bitvilius are not very happy though, “no chance of the birth rate increasing in our part of Barcelona then!” they say! Not sure what they are talking about?

Anyway, the choice of the first games wasn’t very good as it happens to be “Carnival Week” in Spain, and Tenerife, Córdoba and Cádiz have complained that it clashes with their big day. It seems thousands of people will be out on the streets dancing and getting drunk, and that may get in the way of the Carnival celebrations! Best thing to do is take one of those small TV sets and watch the game in a bar. I know Goran and I will!

(PS Hope the girls don’t read this, we’ll be dead meatloafs!).