Be careful what you say to referees!

So Sevilla’s Zokora got himself sent off at the weekend for swearing in English! Mr. Teixeira Vitienes’s match report ( – competiciones nacionales – actas) couldn’t be more clear The ex Spurs midfielder told his assistant linesman person to “f*ck your mother”! Funny expression that – maybe he said “you” instead of “your”, but we don’t think Sevilla will appeal that one. We can just imagine, “ your honour sir, our player didn’t say that the referee had a, how do you say, E-D-Pus complex, but that he screws around with young single mothers, so please cancel his red card forthwith, your honour, sir!”. Not much chance of a let-off there then!

There are many English speakers in Spain who understand swear words, and maybe Zokora would have been safer to have made his comments in his native Ivory Coastian? I know what is like – when I played as a centre-half-back for the Bulgaria Exiles in the local Barcelona league I always insulted the referees in my father’s Bulgarian language, which was OK until (without knowing it) I came up against Chudya Boloxov, an immigrant referee from my own country. I was out of the game for three months after that! That’s football!