Hoddle and Waddle

Goran and I were talking about the crisis this week, and we decided that the bad weather in Spain right now is caused by all the clouds and cold feelings coming out of the heads of so many depressed peoples. So we thought we’d tell you the joke we promised to tell you a few weeks ago to cheer you up! It all happens in the future when the famous English football pairing of Hoddle and Waddle are even older than they are now. Hoddle has been given a knight-cap by King William the conker-player (Charles has been overpassed as he was too old when his mother finally passed the ball), and is now Sir Glen, and Waddle is his faithful butler.

Sir Glen is in the bath and calls for his man, “I say Waddle, could you fetch me a whisky and a newspaper please, there’s a good chappie”. Waddle says certainly your honour sir, and heads for the door. As he is leaving, Sir Glen (who has surely dined on a plateful of “Favada Asturiana”) let’s go an enormous underwater bottom-raspberry, but the faithful butler ignores this and walks out.

Five minutes later he is back carrying a glass of whisky, a copy of the Financial Times and a hot water bottle. Sir Glen is puzzled, “I say Waddle, I asked you for a whisky, and you bring me a glass of my finest malt. I asked for a newspaper, and you bring me today’s FT. Perfect, but why are you carrying that other thing?”. The butler replies, “I’m sorry your lordship, but as I was walking out I could have sworn I heard you say, “what-about-a-hot-water-bottle-Waddle?”! (01.03.10)