Should Spanish referees be put to death?

Spanish referees, are they good or bad? Whatever, if they make a mistake here in Spain they can be put in the “nevera” (fridge) for a couple of weeks before being allowed out again. Freezes your brass monkeys off as they say in the Cockneys, but that’s it. So how lucky are they compared to their colleagues say in China? We read in the papers this week that Chinese referees have been called to meetings to “confess their sins in exchange for lighter sentences”, but that the most famous Lu Jun is facing a death penalty for taking a bribe! (How does that work, you have to go in goal and the Chinese Cristiano Ronaldo shoots a cannonball at your head?!?). Imagine that in Spain! Make up your own scenarios!!!

Anyway we also know that Spanish referees have to retire from the top level when they reach a certain age (about 42?). Some people lie about that, so what, to be sure they cut off their heads and count the rings? My good friend Goran Arsic chips in here: “yeh, ring in the nose means they are from the Punk era, ring in the ear from the time of the Hippes, ring in the tongue, probably from a Heineken can – binge drinker!” Sometimes I worry about Goran?