Volcanic eruptions

The volcanic eruptions in Iceland are having a serious effect on everything. We are lucky that the Champions League semi-finals are between teams that are not so far away from each other, but even so what was a simple plane ride of one hour is now becoming an epic journey, like we see in the films of the old Wild West! Barcelona have decided to travel to Inter Milan for Tuesday’s game using their club autobus, and as it is over twelve hours to get there they will be stopping overnight in Cannes (they wanted to go to Monte Carlo but the best hotels are full of tennis players right now!). If this goes on some teams even in La Liga are going to have to make long trips next weekend, and how are Liverpool going to get to Atlético Madrid on Thursday for the Europa League match, by boat? Anyway, it all reminds me of when we were told that they are going to make Hristo Stoichkov the Barcelona team coach. Yeah, says my mate Goran, they are going to take out his teeth and put in seats!