Should we go for the 2-2 draw?

June 17, 2012

One day to go to the big match with Croatia, and we are both worried! Today we saw our World Cup final opponents Holland knocked out without getting a single point, and yesterday one of our favourites Russia were eliminated, even though they started the day at the top of their group! Even Germany were just a goal away from going home before they finally beat Denmark, and if they are were in danger then nobody is safe! Here in Gdansk everyone is hoping for a 2-2 draw which would ensure both Spain and Croatia a place in the quarter finals, especially my good friend Goran Arsic, who as you all know is half Spanish, half Croatian and half cut most of the time! But that is very dangerous, and even if it works out like that and the game is coming to an end, a sudden gust of wind or a slip by the goalkeeper and its whoops goodbye, tudalu, adeu siyau, we’ll see you again we don’t know when and it’s off to the travel agency with a phrase book to try and find a cheap flight home! Oh no, much better to go for the win, but until referee Wolfgang Stark blows the final whistle our fingers, legs and other parts of our bodies which shall remain nameless will be well and truly crossed! (Nothing to do with anything I know, but in my spare time here I am reading about the Starks from Winterfell in Game of Thrones. You don’t suppose… nah, couldn’t be!). Read more »

Viva España 4 – Oh Danny Boy 0

June 15, 2012

Spain 4 – Ireland 0, at least that was the score on the football field, but off the field of play it was a high scoring draw! What a great bunch the Irish supporters are, and like a couple of years ago when we were in Dublin, we made many more friends over the last few days. Gdansk and the seaside resort of Sopot where we are staying is full of Irish pubs and has lots of other bars and nightclubs, and this last week the place is buzzing. We learnt lots of new songs such as “Oh Danny Boy”, and we taught our friends some of the more cultural Spanish ones like “Y viva España” and “Campeones, campeones, oh-eh, oh-eh, oh-eh”!!! Goran met an Irish girl with a big green hat and a ginger beard (I hope it was false but I’m not sure…), and now he is speaking Gaelic, or that’s what I imagine it was as I couldn’t understand anything he was saying (that might also be the effect though of the whole day drinking pints of Guinness with Goldwasser chasers, a type of local schnapps which they say has gold flakes in it)! Read more »

We’re still alive – just!

June 11, 2012

What a nerve wracking start to the Euro 2012! Never in our living memories have our nerves been so wracked as they were tonight, at least not since the last time! We didn’t think Italy were going to cause us so many problems, especially as somebody told us that half of their squad are in jail for match fixing, and we didn’t recognise many of their names except for Buffon, De Rossi, Pirlo and the mad Balotelli, but what a fright they gave us! Read more »