The Euro 2012 draw

December 2, 2011

So now we know who we will be playing next summer, and quite honestly the draw could have been worse. We are in group C together with Italy, Ireland and Croatia, and with two teams going through we have to say we are confident. Italy of course are the most difficult, but who can forget that we out catencchioed the catenacchio specialists four years ago in the quarter final, and then San Iker saved two penalties in the shoot out to take us on the road to our magnificent victory! I have saved the underpants I wore that night in a frame on my wall, (once I cleaned them up that is – it took three days of boiling in caustic soda to do so, such was the excitement of the moment!), and the memory will live with us forever! Read more »

My Tuesday night report on Friday

November 25, 2011

Hello again everyone, and those nice people at Soccer-Spain said why don’t you do a weekly round up every Tuesday? So here it is, but it’s already Friday by now as, well you know how things take time and nothing works out like you want it? Anyway, we all came back from our long international trips, some just within Europe, others to South America and one or two of us to Africa and beyond (?!?), and most players were looking pretty tired. Not Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo though, who as we know are not of this planet. Maybe the planet they do come from has heavier atmosphere or something, and it’s a bit like us going to the Moon and hopping around up there? Anyway, both played 90 minutes, and both scored again to keep up the fight once again for the Pichichi. Read more »

Barcelona’s passing game

November 19, 2011

So, they tell us, Barcelona have made 7,346 passes in their eleven league games, over 20% more than Real Madrid, who are second in “the passing league”, and 58% more than Valencia, who are third. Goran, who is pretty good at Maths (but lousy at navigating – I’m not going to let you forget that easily my friend), says that works out at 668 passes a game, 7.4 passes a minute, or to put it another way, one every eight seconds. Every minute of every match. Non-stop. All the time. Read more »