New ruling on pan-European transfer system

An agreement on a new transfer system has been reached between the European Commission, UEFA and FIFA. It includes one transfer window per season for all European clubs, and the minimum and the maximum duration of contracts of 1 year and 5 years respectively.

The agreement is yet to be endorsed by the players and the players union FIFPro, which is expected to contest on some of the points. (06.03.01)

Transfer agreement - summary

1 In the case of players aged under 23, a system of training compensation should be in place to encourage and reward the training effort of clubs, in particular small clubs.

2 Creation of solidarity mechanisms that would redistribute a significant proportion of income to clubs involved in the training and education of a player, including amateur clubs.

3 International transfer of players aged under 18 to be allowed subject to agreed conditions. The football authorities will establish and enforce a code of conduct to guarantee the sporting, training and academic education to be provided.

4 Creation of one transfer period per season and a further limited mid-season window, with a limit of one transfer per player per season.

5 Minimum and maximum duration of contracts of respectively one and five years.

6 Contracts to be protected for a period of three years up to 28; two years thereafter.

7 The system of sanctions to be introduced should preserve the regularity and proper functioning of sporting competition so that unilateral breaches of contract are possible only at the end of a season.

8 Proportionate sporting sanctions to be applied to players, clubs or agents in the case of unilateral breaches of contract without just cause, in the protected period.

9 Creation of an effective, quick and objective arbitration body with members chosen in equal numbers by players and clubs and with an independent chairman.

10 Arbitration is voluntary and does not prevent recourse to national courts.

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